Vinyl wrapping roof


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I know this has been spoke about before,but i am very close to my car going in for a few small mods and some paintwork,but i am still a little unsure about a few options.
I am still considering a black roof,which i know has been done alot and is a bit last year but if i was to do this,do you think the rear spoiler should be done aswell.
My car is akoya and it has the votex roof spoiler.......thoughts please



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Seen a dude with it on a White S3 in Manchester and it looked awful Jules :puke2:


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Not sure it would work on any colour except maybe white or red, but hey what do I know ?!?


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I'd say wrap the roof and spoiler.

It could work well on your colour - and if not, the beauty of vinyl is just peeling it right back off!


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This one (yes I know its white) has the panoramic roof and the spoiler matches: