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Alistair D

Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car.
Don't hate them, but,
Could anyone tell me if their views on how bright bicycle lights can be? or is it a free for all?

I was driving home in the hours of darkness and was virtually blinded by a bike coming towards me, using a cycle path.

Now I want it both ways. Should it not be compulsory, if there is a cycle path for bikes to use them? Near where I stay the council(Tax payers) has spent thousands £s building a cycle path/foot path but cyclists still use the, at times, very busy road. My friend is one of them and says he'd rather dice with traffic than dodge joggers and dog walkers!!

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And no insurance or plate, few months back one took my wing mirror off flying past as I’m stuck in traffic in town and took off no way of catching her,luckily it was a company van. But how do you make them pay for it or am I expected to take the hit on my insurance,And the fact they want you to treat them as a car by leaving room yet they will fly through a red light, can’t have it both ways. espically in London them bikers are crazy.

Don’t get me wrong probably 80% aren’t knobs who think they own the road, same can be said about drivers too


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What annoys me most are the ones riding on the road, when there's a perfectly good cycle path available. Amazing how many times you see that.