Video of New Gear Change DIS Function


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I know it has been mentioned before the new A/S3 facelift has a new function on the DIS where it prompts a gear change and the correct gear to be in at a certain speed.

People wanted to see this in action (me too!) so I found this vid of a new S3 (facelift) which shows the function about halfway through!



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No DSG. every A3 facelift model has this function apparently.


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Just noticed this function on the car that I picked up today - very nifty indeed! It can be turned off in the settings of the DIS as well.


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I remember noticing it on the 2.0TDI-140 I drove a couple of weeks OK.


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Very cool - reminds me of those economy lights (which suggested when to change gear) that used to get on cars 15 or so years ago - Can remember my Mums old Scirocco having one



is loving his new A3
interesting feature

another driver aid so that use ******* know when to change gear

next they will be putting f1 lights on the steering wheel showing us rev limiter