Video evidence that ios12 cause Apple CarPlay issues


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The below video was taken of an iPhone 5 running ios10 connected to a 2017 (MY2018) S5 Sportback.
You can see that specifically in the podcasts app, you can pause/play, and fast forward/rewind.

The next video was taken straight afterwards and is an iPhone XS running ios12 connected to the same car.
Visually the menus in the podcasts app look different, and when you go to play a podcast, you are not able to select pause and the fast forward/rewind options.
If you listen carefully you can hear the clicking of the scroll wheel and you can select what is being selected on the screen is not allowing you to stop/fast forward etc.

This may be related to the other thread where myself and others are reporting that the phones running ios12 are connected and then disconnected repeatedly.

Definitely something not quite right with ios12 and Audi's CarPlay.

ps: please ignore the podcasts ..... :wtf:


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I have some issues with spotify if i change the song from wheel all freezes... even my phone. I hope they will fix this soon.

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iOS 12.0.1 came out today.

It seems to have sorted the podcasts issue out that I demoed above. Can’t comment on the connect reconnect issue though.
The issue of opening Google maps and not being able to go back to the CarPlay menu persists.

Getting there slowly.......


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The phone still connects via CarPlay, then disconnects, then reconnects.
This goes on for maybe 5-10 minutes and then seems to settle.

Appears 12.0.1 hasn't fixed it......