Vibration on low acceleration and rattle noise on idle


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Hi all,

so this is relating to my mrs' mk 4 golf tdi 130 6 speed, which is the same as the Audi a3 sport tdi 130. It's developed a bit of a shudder/vibration in low revs pulling away in every gear. As the revs increase it goes away. If I absolutely floor it it's hardly noticeable.

Also when idle it's got a bit of a rattle/knocking sound and when you put the clutch in its much louder and you can actually feel it through the clutch pedal. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi mate,

sounds like either your clutch or flywheel are the cause, not sure if yours is fitted with a dual mass flywheel, these are common to fail and can usually be heard by a loud rattle on idle. A local garage shouldnt take long to pinpoint it. hope this helps