Very Slow pickup TDi Tip Quat - Gbox or Turbo ?


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My B5 V6 TDi Quatto is dangerously slow at roundabouts.... you see a gap put the foot down but wait a few seconds for the power to kick in.

I've been blaming the gearbox thinking this is just the way autos are, but thinking about it there a no revs occuring so it's more likely turbo lag ?? I've heard about a wastegate valve getting stuck - any other culprits / thought much appreciated



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Could be a boost leak, faulty N75, faulty DV or as you've mentioned a faulty wastegate could cause hesitation.

Have you also had this problem?


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can you explain a little more what happens?

I presume you mean starting from a standstill? If you plant the boot to the floor the turbo wont be doing anything initially, but you'd still expect the engine revs to rise pretty quickly as it winds up the torque converter...