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Vent lights wiring

Seantdi Nov 18, 2019

  1. Seantdi

    Seantdi Registered User

    Hey guys so after fitting my door warning/puddle lights and interior handle led I'm wanting to the vents next.
    Has anyone done these and know where to get the feed from?
    Guessing it's on one of the blocks in the module over the pedals?
    Or is there anywhere easier to tap into? Light switch or similar?
    Thanks in advance.

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  3. cbeadle2508

    cbeadle2508 Registered User

    how did you go about fitting the interior handle lights? I have done the door warning/puddle lights retrofit as well as the footwell lights and am considering doing the interior handles as well. where did you get parts from, etc?
  4. Seantdi

    Seantdi Registered User

    I just used some pre wired 5mm led in defused red. Just used some light cable to extended the wiring to the door control module.

    The led comes with a little holders so I just drilled out a hole in top of the handle. You need to remove the door card and handle to do this.

    Glue in the holder to the handle then the led into the holder. They should clip into the holder but then the led sits proud of the holder. I just glued them flush so they look more original.

    Run the wires to the same plug as the door lights but to pin 3 for front doors and pin 1 for rears. The earth will be in use and you probably tapped into it doing the door lights.
  5. Seantdi

    Seantdi Registered User

    I got the leds and holders of ebay. You can get the wire in Halfords or motor factors or online.
    You probably would get away with speaker cable.
    Think you have to get new door handles to fit the original led units.
    This cost me maybe 10 quid max.

    Also need to be coded with vcds to come on same as your door lights!

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