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Venom Motorsport GREAT service

Jason-3.2 Jul 12, 2014

  1. Jason-3.2

    Jason-3.2 Registered User

    Had a friend buy me some JOMS coil covers for my birthday from Venom Motorsport, now I know they are frowned apon for being so cheap.
    These were for my 3.2 quattro and listed as fitting all engine sizes. I was a little concerned as I didn't want the car too low as I commute 70 miles daily. I fitted them in an evening and was very dissapointed! The back would just not go high enough, even with the perches as high as they would go the tyres would sit under the arches and rub on every bounce, it probably didn't help that I have 235s on, the other dissapointment was how soft they were, clearly not up to the job in the 3.2 may be OK with smaller engined cars.
    So I phoned Venom and they arranged for a refund and a courier to collect them. I asked if I could exchanged them for some eibach 30mm springs and they arrived the following day!!! These were fitted straight away and although it hasn't lowered it straight away( needs time to settle) the ride has been transformed. There's no crashing over bumps and cornering there's less body roll.
    All in all well pleased with the springs and well chuffed with the service from Venom.
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  3. JJ.Foulds

    JJ.Foulds Registered User

    not sure why they still sat under your arches, mines on 18's and the joms are half way, and i have around a 2 cm arch gap. :/ but i had to change from 235's to 215's.

    And yes they are not firm but you get what you pay for :p

    I thought any springs dont settle and its all just a myth lol
  4. Jason-3.2

    Jason-3.2 Registered User

    I just couldn't understand it, I had the perches wound right up and past where I considered it safe and the tyres were well and truly under! I'm glad I've got the springs, so muchbetter .
  5. WOLF

    WOLF Registered User

    Did they send the right springs..............i bought some off venom some years back,fitted to my bora and the front was on it @rse,they'd sent the wrong springs.......i wasnt happy:mad:

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