VCDS What to purchase


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I have decided to dive in a purchase VCDS for my B7 A4 Avant, we have 4 Audi's in the family now so its a really handy thing to have. On my current Avant project I am retro fitting bits and pieces so need the software to enable things and I think I have a few faults lurking in the system.
Can some one point me in the direction of where I can purchase everything I need to get started as I see the forum seller is not responding to folks at the moment and I want to order.
Many Thanks
7 Day old thread but since no one replied...

All you need is a cable and a laptop, theres 2 cables you can choose from as they vary by Vins.

Cable 1 is 10 Vins only and costs £299 which means the cable will lock to 10 cars and once the limit has been reached will no longer work on a new car (will still work on the previous 10). However with this cable in the future you can buy an upgrade to unlimited Vins via Ross-Tech's website which costs roughly £170

Cable 2 is for Unlimited Vins. This is the most expensive at £370but if you plan to buy more VAG cars or use it on friends cars it will help and be cheaper in the future.

I bought mine from Gendan, which is who's website I have linked along with the cables.
You can check out eBay to try and find a 2nd hand unlimited vin cable but make sure its a genuine cable, if its priced to good to be true, it probably is.

The software itsself is free download from Ross-Tech's website and will activate via the cable.


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Hi thanks for slow reply, that's brilliant and I have just placed my order with Ross-Tec, managed to get one slightly cheaper for just 3Vins, we have a Q5, TT and A4 in the family so perfect for us, if I need I can pay to top this up in future.
Just need to start swatting up on it, can finally enable my Aux cable, comfort lighting and configure the servos for the climate control.