VCDS Tweaks on my A1


Audi RS3
Hi all,

This is my first forum post! Just recently got my first Audi! :D
Before I picked it up I was browsing these forums for inspiration!

Here is my car when I first picked it up:


After my first week I decided to get the windows tinted.

Now onto the VCDS coding :) I used the VCDS Map and found a member called Dandav1985.
He was amazing!!
I chose which tweaks I wanted!
Used this website:!a1/cbrq

This is the needle sweep, absolutely love it!
Other coding carried out:
- Hill hold Assist
- Enable/Disable DRLs in MMI
- Hidden MMI Menu
- Lower Passenger Mirror When Reverse Gear
- Cornering Fog Light Activation

Danny was excellent! I'm pretty new to this so he was able to explain everything he was doing. I was there the entire time he was coding and once he completed a tweak we tested it. Literally, only took about 30 minutes! Also, was able to talk to him about other aspects like changing my headlights and DRLs, he pointed me in the right direction and another member of this forum :). Top bloke!

If people want to see videos of the other VCDS coding done from the list then let me know and I will upload some footage!

Once again HUGE thanks to Danny 'Dandav1985'
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Thanks for the positive post, glad you liked the tweaks on you very clean A1.