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Jan 14, 2008
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Well its taken me some time to discuss with Ross-tech the best way forward for me to become a genuine seller of vcds along with 2 threads from the past discussing group buys etc, but finally I have been able to negotiate a deal with a genuine distributor to be able to supply at will :)

Cables can be bought at anytime, are 100% genuine cables, are able to be used with all current & new software.

They can be fully registered with RT for support if need be.

Work with most current Windows OS systems but not Mac unless using virtual windows partitions or parallels with windows, dependent on the Mac tbh & all OS's utilise the USB ports for these cables.

Items will be sent special delivery insured tracked next day.

I am happy to send internationally at the additional cost price of the signed/insured for postage costs.

You will receive a cable only because the software is always best downloaded from the site directly, so its more upto date which keeps the costs down for myself & the buyer.

You will receive a proper invoice from myself via email which will detail all my contact info & payment would be preferrably via bank transfer or over counter deposit given its free & I would accept paypal if you swallow the 4% fees, as gift payments through paypal do attract the fees also.

I'm flexible & will accomodate your needs, but cable only is sent when payment is received & cleared, if you pay cash into the account it can enable me to send as soon as I see the cleared funds on the internet.

Current rrp is approx £270, current price from myself delivered is £250 which is the cheapest available at the moment.

Let me know via PM if you would like a cable & I will advise the process to purchase one.


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Received my lead today from NHN.

Just thought i would post up to say what a pleasure it was dealing with him .

Kept informed and delivered very promptly.

So if anyone is in the market for a lead,I can thouroughly recommend using NHN.

right, now its time to learn how to use vcds......:)
I received my lead from NHN today. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Answered my queries clearly and effectively. He made the whole process very clear and was very swift with his replies, and postage of the lead.

I have tried it today and it has worked brilliantly, (despite the issue the car is giving me).

It is definitely the real deal and I recommend anyone considering getting one to consider NHN first.
Got mine from NHN!:respekt:

Arrived day after payment! Always quick replys and answered all my questions!

Lead worked perfect, now need find out how to fix all my faults!
No worries & was an absolute pleasure to deal with you Steve, more than welcome, as are any of my buyers & glad I could save you a few bucks & with ease aswell.

If you post up a thread on ASN so it helps everyone if they have the same problems, then I'm more than happy to assist you, if I can, to resolve your faults mate, more than happy.
I ordered mine on monday night and received it today before 1pm. Can't grumble at that can you. Was kept up to date with everything.

Thanks again Nigel

I Live in Norway and have bought a cable from Nigel.
Hi is a top seller with the best service.

took about 1 week to delivery after safe payment on PayPal.

Great Great Great

I also had fantastic service from Nigel.
Great communication, always keeps you up to date with what is going on and fast delivery (apart from working around Royal Mail strikes!!! lol)
If anyone is thinking of buying, you could do a lot worse than buy here!
recived mine also works a treat just got to get my head around how to use it all now as there is loads more funtions then id have ever though possible, cheers fella:icon_thumright:
I recieved my cable from NHN today, the following day after payment was made as stated.

Clear concise comms from the seller and a service nothing short of excellent.

I really can't wait to start delving into the vag-com world, i've been far too long without it and when i'm up to speed i will also add my name to the list of VCDS capable folk who are willing to help others!..

Top service.
Got hold of my very own HEX-USB+CAN cable this week from NHM. Only one word to describe the transaction - flawless. Very fast and kept very well informed!

Many thanks to Nigel for his excelent service.
Spot on.

Ordered mine from NHN and like all the others stating here, top bloke and great service.

Highly recommended.

ordered yesterday afternoon, received this morning! Great to deal with, would highly recommend!
if you looking for better sevice there isn't one it's as good as it gets got mine few days ago delighted with response communication and speedy delivery
purchased cable from nige through paypal, all very proffesional, very helpful and was delivered the next day, has since helped out with coding issues. couldnt get any better service, many thanks NHN
No worries wheelea, thanks for purchasing & pleasure doing business.
Excellant Service, saved a few quid through buying it from NHN, dealers always rip you off. Ordered and delivered special delivery.

Can't complain, Good Comms

Many Thanks
Yet another happy customer here, cable arrived next day & already helping with my alarm troubles. Thanks Nigel.
Most welcome, most welcome indeed mate, glad to be of help as with all my customers.
Another big thumbs up for Nigel.

Quickly delivered, quality produced, good support, the real deal.

Just loaded up 64 bit Beta version of the software and it's working a treat :rockwoot:

Many thanks, another satisfied customer!!

No worries Warren, glad I could be of help mate in saving a few beers & hope you enjoy using fella.
got cable today from nhn, pleasure to deal with, highly recommended.
Most welcome Rich, enjoy using mate, its a godsend if I may say, I use it untold times on my cars.
i ordered mine on weds evening, and got it friday morning :) big thanks to Nigel as he has been very helpful and curtious

I might be getting a new golf as a company car, so it could end up being twice as useful!
Dave, most welcome mate, most welcome. :friends:
on the strength of this thread and posts on other forums i bought one off Nigel.......

.....just got mine from Nigel, what a guy and such quick/professional service.

never mine the few quid saving, worth using him for the excellent service!

thanks again.:applaus:
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You're most welcome Angelo, nice easy transaction for both of us, glad I could help you out mate, enjoy using as I do, daily :)
If i buy a cable from you will VCDS support me if i have a unknown fault.
It's just i remember reading on ASN some time back that VCDS would not help some dude becuase he bought the cable from someone else.
Does the same apply? How do they know the cable was second hand, do you have to register the S/N with them?

P.s. i think it was a private sale.

if you buy a cable from nige ( NHN ) it is 100% genuine and brand new and is fully suported.

welly, nhn is your best and cheapest option mate.
If i buy a cable from you will VCDS support me if i have a unknown fault.
It's just i remember reading on ASN some time back that VCDS would not help some dude becuase he bought the cable from someone else.
Does the same apply? How do they know the cable was second hand, do you have to register the S/N with them?

P.s. i think it was a private sale.

I sell the genuine ross-tech cables, so yes they will once registered support you mate.

If the cable has been regsitered by another person & sold on then yes this scenario applies as its second user.

Yes to obtain support you have to register the cable serial number or if you prefer to not register for now then you can also do this, its not against any rules afaik to not register them.
Got mine today from NHN.

Pleasure doing business with him. Fast delivery but was not at home when delivered therefore had to wait till saturday to pick it up from post office.

Registered with vcds, and scanned car all good.

Again thanks
Recieved my GENUINE lead from Nigel the following day after my payment was cleared.
Just wanted to "Big him up" and highly recommend him as a seller of these VCDS leads, as well as being the cheapest in the UK.
Thankyou Nigel. (Aka - NHN)
Most welcome guys, sorry for any delay in replying as you're maybe aware my little girl was born 5 days ago so has taken up my time a bit & missus aswell cause of c section birth, but all good now.

Apologies to anyone interested in buying, as above doenst happen everyday but will be back on cue now.
Big Thumbs up for nigel from me
got me a new vcds cable quickly after my workshop was burgled earlier this week.
top man, much appreciated
thankyou sir
You're most welcome Bill & I really was sorry to hear of the burglary, hope insurance covers mate.
Again another, big thanks to Nigel for a effortless transaction on supplying me VCDS.

This is going to save time and most importantly money on parts from the dealer that you probably didn't need, on the process of elimination.
No worries Lloyd, glad I could help mate, thanks.