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VCDS scanner Worsley area

Tiprat Aug 14, 2019

  1. Tiprat

    Tiprat Member

    Good morning guys I'm having problems with my Audi A4,the symptoms are juddering under acceleration, initially it only appeared to stutter 2or3 times in 2nd or 3rd gear between 2k-3k rpm now it's doing it a lot more.
    I've changed the MAF sensor, the erg valve, another sensor on the air intake pipe (I'm lucky in the respect that I have 2 identical cars so can swap stuff over) everything I've swapped hasn't changed anything on either car, I'm thinking of changing the N75 valve (I think that's the antistutter valve) from what I've read. But I've also read on the forum that a sensor/switch can over heat somewhere on the firewall and that this could cause mysymptoms but I can't find the thread again to see what part it was.
    On a side note I work as a paramedicand I've even contacted our fleet garage to ask if they can scan the cars, I we use Skoda's but they said that the software is different and can't help.
    So if anyone has a VCDS reader in the Worsley area which could help diagnose my problem I'd be happy to travel ect.

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