VCDS scan faults


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Hi all
I have had a VCDS scan on my 2004 A3 3.2 and it has thrown up a few faults - I am now a little confused how to procede - a few of the things are nominal, and I'm not fussed about, also I have fitted an aftermarket head unit, so I'm assuming that is why that has flagged up.

1. 00668 Low voltage seems to be a common issue - does that simply indicate I need a new battery??

2. 19061 Lambda sensor is what I expected/hoped to find (i have had the engine management light lit up for a couple of weeks now), but what is the glow plug issue (18025) ?

3. 01274 The air flow flap mechanical failure intermittent - is that just a case of requiring a strip down and clean ?

4. 00526 It shows my brake light switch has a bad ground/short - what can I do about this?

Also I have had an issue the past few mornings on the way to work (seems to only happen when the air temp is cold)If I am driving with fogs on and switch headlights to high beam everything cuts out momentarily, before kicking back in and flashing the major Brake System Warning Light.... could this be related to the low voltage issue?

Any advice about where to start would be much appreciated, thx


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For the code 00526 Ross tech says pressing the brake before a scan my clear this. Have a look on the Ross tech site

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Yeh I did check the website and see that, but it said auto gearbox modules, mine is manual...

I'll try it and see if it makes a difference next time