VCDS NEW USER...What can this thing do?


Hello guys. I need to clear a few faults/do a scan on my 1998 A4 avant and I was looking at this thing I found on ebay. Will this allow me to do a scan and clear faults by itself, or will I/do I need anything else to enable me to do so? Obviously I have a newish laptop running Vista. Any answers/opinions will be greatly appreciated....


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It sounds like you are looking at a third party cable which should work with VCDS-Lite. If it will connect and scan properly, the Software License can be purchased here:

Check the Function Chart for an explanation of what you can, and cannot do without the Software License.

Also see the Application chart for that chassis.


Thankyou for your reply! When you say VCDS - LITE, what is that exactly? Is thats what the software is called? What about the disk the cable comes with, isn't that the actual software? Sorry for all these questions, I just want to get it straight in my head!


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the cd (probably a "mini" cd, will be for the driver for the cable

the best version of vag-com to use with that cable is probably 409.1, which you can find in places that other software/films/etc live...


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No company is supposed to be distributing our software on a disk. So, already you can see that your choice of vendors is not exactly primo! The vendor chooses to ignore the rules and do their own thing.

VCDS-Lite is the free version of our product that should be compatible with any product that claims to work with VAG-COM version 409. We replaced VAG-COM 409 with VCDS-Lite so that it would be compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. You can go our website and download this product for free and run it in the shareware version. If you like what you see and you want more capability, then you would do as Dana directed and buy a full license for VCDS-Lite for $99 USD.

You asked earlier what can be done: You can read and clear fault codes. You can view live measuring values. With the full license, you can perform the basic settings and adaptations, code modules and so on that dealer techs do on your car if you have them service it.


Hello guys and gals.....I would like to say a MASSIVE thankyou for all the info and links you have provided. After carefull consideration I think I will be purchasing the full licensed version from Ross-Tech. I see it as an investment and a good way of avoiding the stealership! Thanks again people!


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Or you can buy the proper cable etc from me mate, PM for details.