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VCDS Lite with 3d party cable Help

norad97 Aug 26, 2018

  1. norad97

    norad97 Active Member

    I have been using an old verion of Vag-Com and 3rd party cable on my A4 B5 with no issues.

    Now I have A4 B7, the old Vag-Com does not work, download VCDS Lite, tested and seem to work but very limited as not registered.
    My question is, it states cars upto 2005, it does not list B7, but B6 but I think there the same platform.
    I dont want to register and find it wont work, I am only using for myself, and harly using it that often.
    Its good to have when you need it, I am adding oem bluetooth module and need to program RSNE and the module.

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