VCDS + chip...perhaps!


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Morning all.

Going from an 8V S3 to the new A5 2.0 TFSI. Stuck a few nice options on, mainly Tour Pack and Technology Pack.

Two questions to the knowledgable out there!

Think I might have a remap done as going from the S3 with 300ps to the 190ps front wheel drive car will take some adjustment and I read that eagle F1's can be a good choice for front wheel drive cars even with the relatively lower output compared to the S3 (THAT MIGHT BE RUBBISH BUT THE INTERNET TOLD ME!) my goal was to lower my costs overall and a little more luxury over long journeys as I drive a lot of long journeys. So has anyone remapped that engine and what were the results please.

Second question is what is all this VCDS wizardry I read about. I'm told you can open up other menus within the car etc such as the extra parking info. Is that true and what else can be done?

Thanks for all answers in advance!