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Facelift VCDS Changing from Longlife to Fixed Servicing

alpesh26 Jul 11, 2020

  1. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Registered User

    Does anyone know the procedure to change my car from longlife servicing to fixed servicing with VCDS or can this only be done by a dealer?

    I've tried the SRI reset option, but I only get 2 options in the drop down and that's to reset the oil change notification or reset the oil and inspection notification. If the car is on longlife servicing it will only reset it back to that, I can't change the "type". I tried manually setting the values but it left a fault code.
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  3. Harvey

    Harvey VAG Convert

    There's some info on the Ross-Tech site here. I had a play with this on my Amarok which is on flex comparing to my S3 on fixed. It depends if your vehicle has an oil quality sensor which my Amarok does so I could go from flex to fixed on that. However, I wouldn't recommend changing from fixed to flex as it just sounds like you're trying to over stretch the service interval which in the long run may cause detrimental affects to the engine life. There is further info out there on using VCDS to change service intervals, just do some searching on Google as that’s where I found all my info.
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  4. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Registered User

    Thanks for the link, I did some more research after posting this and found something similar on a Skoda forum.

    Changing the Oil Quality to "Poor" in 17-Instruments put the oil change to 9100 Miles/365 Days, Inspection is at 19000 Miles/730 Days. It didn't leave a fault code either.

    I don't really believe in long life servicing even though I use long life oil, i'd rather "over-service" the car and have a healthy engine. An oil change (when doing it yourself) costs around the price of a tank of fuel so its silly not to change it annually...especially on an S3
  5. Peter82

    Peter82 Registered User

    I've disabled service inspection as I do it myself whenever I need .. I only left oil change days

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