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Vauxhall Vectra V6


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Roll up...

Let the public decide :)



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i had a black 2l sri saloon it was nice but i blew the engine twice.whooooooops!...lol

rob v6

Learning the VAG way
I had a v6 gsi vectra until last october went like the clappers

I used to buy vauxhalls until they brought out the Vectra...so went to Mondeo. Then things started getting exciting again when Vauxhall announced they had changed the style of the Vectra; only to find it looked even more sh1t than the previous model. Dissapointingly, the only model that would convert me back to Vauxhall these days is the Monaro.:rockwoot:

Vectra totally uncool whatever engine and modifications it has. :puke2:


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Sorry to all the haters but I have owned this for 10yrs and I still love it.
I still own it tho it is now SORN and not looking quite as mint as this anymore.

V6 Vectra Supertouring


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I had a dark blue MSD v6 2.5 gsi saloon, it was mint. It's the only vauxhall I will ever own. Stunning engine, had a race once with a mini Cooper s pulled past it at over 150 guys face was a picture.

Still, would never rate it cool, but 8 years ago ....


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ive owned 3 of them, 2 SRi's and one GSi.

the GSi is a world apart from the standard one, and i miss my GSi. the bang for buck is nearly impossible to match and with a bit of tweaking they go round a corner just as well as they go in a straight line.

only criticism i have is the gear ratios were too long, which they fixed in the facelift


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I have always owned Vauxhalls (until I got my A4 of course), and in my 'back catalogue' there was a Vectra B 2.6 V6 GSi. No, not the coolest car on the block but it went well and turned heads. I then embarked on two Vectra C's, first the pre-facelift 1.9CDTi which was remapped and RR'd at 189bhp, then I had a facelifted C, again a 1,9CDTi and again remapped. That made way for the best car I have had to date, and that was a Vectra VXR in Arden blue, I had it remapped by Courtenay Sport in Norwich to 305bhp and 415lbsft torque. It went like a rocket and not once let me down, as was the case with every other Vectra I have owned, and cavaliers before that. As for not being cool, you're right, an RS4 or R8 or S4 it aint, but by christ it attracted some admiring looks plus it sounded nice :eyebrows:, and I was gutted to have to part company with it. :bye:


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