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Valet wiper annoyance

Kontraband Apr 6, 2008

  1. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    Well, it could, no it was, me being lazy... but this is more in a way of a 'warning' to anyone else lazy...

    Whilst cleaning my car today in between the snow flurries, the sun came out and bathed my car in light... so I needed to move it forward 3 feet.

    I had the wipers in valet position, and when I started the car everything was fine. As soon as I moved though they went smacking down on the windscreen popping both blades off the wipers, and sticking a 1inch black line on where the wiper shaft came down the white bonnet! :keule:

    luckily, I have managed to removed the mark easily from the bonnet, and it turned out to not be as much of an issue as the noises suggested... but just in case you are thinking about moving the car with the wiper blades up...

    Don't! :ermm:

    End of public service announcement?! ;)
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  3. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User


    I hate those kind of moments. Heart stopping!

    Glad to hear all has ended without any war wounds.

    Will keep this in mind!
  4. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    yeah, when I saw both wiper blade fittings laid in the trough on the windscreen I was gutted... luckily they just fitted straight back in with no damage to the windscreen wipers. The wiper shaft itself is now the only bit that you can see has been a bit mistreated.

  5. Walter

    Walter Member

    I've just done this this at the weekend, Washed the car, wanted to move it 10 feet into some shade, didn't think and GRIND then CRACK and the wipers shot off.

    Considering the potential damage it could do this has got to be one of the most stupid things the car does.
  6. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    wow. at least there's not really any damage and will definitely keep this in mind as I'm surprised I haven't done this yet. I'm always really wary of the wipers, for instance parking tickets, leaflets etc where the person lifts the wiper up, they could easily damage the bonnet.
  7. tdisportuk

    tdisportuk Member

    learn something new everyday hey!

    thanks for letting us all know :icon_thumright:
  8. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    you wouldnt believe the noise it makes till you do it... ;)

    Forewarned is forearmed tho eh...
  9. Hellfire151

    Hellfire151 New Member

    I did the same a couple of weeks back but didn't come off to well ....... rather large crack in the windscreen, a good bit of paint scrapped off the back edge of the bonnet and a full swear box :keule:

    AutoGlass managed to do a cr&p job replacing the screen too.

    Learn from your mistakes and all that but still annoyed!
  10. gabrialboy

    gabrialboy Member


    oh gosh' exact same thing happened to me today as well:sob: As I pulled forward the blades went into motion smashing onto the windshield (cracking it) blades popped off and caused damage to my paint work on the edge of the bonnet where the in motion blade shaft scrapped the paint off....about an inch long both sides... cannot see anything looking at the bonnet but from inside the cabin you can see the damage! Man I'm p!ssed about this....
    Does Audi have touch up paint for our cars? And as I'm keen to replace the glass with an oem windshield what should I keep in mind....colour wise/ sun strip model s3/a3 the same? I don't have rain sensors or auto dip mirror so should be a straight forward job I'd guess.....we should put this up as a sticky as I'd hate to hear this happening to other owners.... really stupid that the blades go into motion while in the service position....:scared2:

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