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VagFest Venezuela 2015

ceS3r Sep 30, 2015

  1. ceS3r

    ceS3r Member

    On September 6th, at the Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela, the Club Vag Venezuela (Venezuela Vag Club), celebrated their 3rd VagFest. Over 130 expositors between old school and newer cars (up to 2008 because chavez is sh*t and closed all ways to import new cars). Here are some pics. You can also follow us on instagram @clubvagvzla

    Ps there were also other clubs invited such as Renault Twingo Club and Peugeot Club.
    Pss my babe is the blue S3 IMG_0974 (800x600).jpg IMG_0897 (800x600).jpg IMG_0894 (800x600).jpg IMG_0897 (800x600).jpg IMG_0900 (800x600).jpg IMG_0907 (800x600).jpg IMG_0908 (800x600).jpg IMG_0910 (800x600).jpg IMG_0912 (800x600).jpg IMG_0916 (800x600).jpg IMG_0924 (800x600).jpg IMG_0925 (800x600).jpg IMG_0936 (800x600).jpg IMG_0941 (800x600).jpg IMG_0944 (800x600).jpg IMG_0948 (800x600).jpg IMG_0963 (800x600).jpg IMG_0972 (800x600).jpg IMG_0974 (800x600).jpg IMG_0975 (800x600).jpg IMG_0976 (800x600).jpg IMG_0979 (800x600).jpg IMG_0985 (800x600).jpg IMG_0989 (800x600).jpg IMG_1006 (800x450).jpg IMG_1007 (800x450).jpg IMG_1011 (800x450).jpg IMG_1014 (800x450).jpg IMG_1016 (800x450).jpg IMG_1022 (800x450).jpg IMG_1041 (800x450).jpg IMG_1042 (800x450).jpg IMG_1049 (800x450).jpg IMG_1051 (800x450).jpg IMG_1055 (800x450).jpg IMG_1057 (800x450).jpg IMG_1059 (800x450).jpg IMG_1066 (800x450).jpg IMG_1067 (800x450).jpg IMG_1070 (800x450).jpg IMG_1071 (800x450).jpg IMG_1073 (800x450).jpg IMG_1075 (800x450).jpg IMG_1077 (800x450).jpg IMG_1082 (800x450).jpg IMG_1096 (800x450).jpg IMG_1101 (800x450).jpg IMG_1110 (800x450).jpg IMG_1117 (800x450).jpg IMG_1167 (800x450).jpg IMG_1177 (800x450).jpg
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