Vagcom help?


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Sorry, I did have a search but having to use my iPhone,

I read in one of the threads you can enable a alarm bleep for the 8p, someone I know has a lead but not sure if it will go to my year (06). If it doesn't can anyone point out the right cable and if it poss for a noob to enable the bleep, I don't want to go messing bits up. And if I did buy the cable syste is there anyother perks worth doing?



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If you need a VCDS cable fella, you are best pm'ing NHN on here.

Changes will be easy then for you to do. I got mine from him and it is the best thing I have bought for my car.


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Yeap give me a shout if you would like one & yes with this cable you will be able to do yourself & its not to hard tbh at all.