Vagcars Racewars - York Raceway - This Sunday!


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Dec 14, 2010
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Few lads off Vagcars have got together to create our own class at this Sundays Run what you've brung at York Dragstrip, If you are wanting to compete there is still space, when you get the the gate say you are in the 'Vagcars RWYB' class, this entails you to run 4wd and 2wd cars against each other.

Hope some of you can make it, should be a laugh!

From the forum:

This is the first VAGCars event at York Raceway which will be giving forum members the opportunity to race head to head with each other or battle against the clock in heats on a timed 1/4 Mile strip.
This will give members the chance mix it up and go against 2 Wheel Drive & 4 Wheel Drive vehicles together.

The entry fee is £30 to run down the track for the day which you will pay on the gate.

This includes:

Dedicated holding area for participants entering the track.
Timed 1/4 Mile runs at york raceway.
Qualifiying in the Club Heat.
Qualifiying order posted after each group race.
Trophy for lowest entry time.
Some good photo opportunities of you on track provided by Kurt Blythman.

This will be a light hearted event hoping to bring alot of laughs a good bit of banter, and a new experience for some.

This will be nothing too serious other than enjoying the sights, sounds and experience of a 1/4 Mile Dragstrip regardless of what car or power you are running.

Gates open at 8:30am, Scrutineering and signing on opens at 9am, track opens at 9:30am. Track closes 5.30pm-6.30pm
York Raceway's Postcode is YO42 4SS.

For more details on the location of York raceway visit here:
York Raceway - York Raceway Home Page
Kurts Flickr Page
Kurt Blythman's photosets on Flickr
VAG Cars - Welcome to the Forums

Please mark your interest and spec of the car you will be taking.

Hope to see you there tearing it up!


Cooper - Stage 2 Golf R
Chris32turbo- Stage 2 RS3
Matty - Stage 2 TT
TMac.mk3 - Fabia VRS
Farmer_harry - Stage 2 A3
Caffers - Mini Cooper S
Calyx - Leon Cupra R Stage 2
DanH 01609 - Ibiza Stage2 +
Rado-steve - 1.8T Corrado
MK2 Pete - Derv Hybrid MK4
Biglee - Leon Cupra
Driff - KO4 Ibiza

Please eaither email me or mark your interest on the forum if you want to compete!
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