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VAGCars North East 'Moonstone Meeting' This Wednesday 11th June

Matty! Jun 8, 2014

  1. Matty!

    Matty! Member

    The third VAGCars meeting will be held at the The Windmill and will take place on Wednesday 11th June, moonstone is one of the birth
    It will be kicking off at the usual time of 19:00, so dust off them automobiles and get yourself to one of the largest VAG meets in the North East.

    The name 'Moonstone Meeting' has stemmed from the fact that Moonstone is one of the birthstones for June, so there you go, little fact for you there.

    The Windmill is situated on the southbound carriage way of the A19, 300 meters up from the OK Diner. It serves food, drink and snacks and has a large flat tarmac car park which plenty of space for all of us to park next to each other, which will also give some great photo opportunities.

    Remember The Windmill is happy to let us use their premises for meetings, but at the same time it would be nice if we show our appreciation and help them make a little money as after all, its a business too.

    The address for those who don't quite know where it is, is as follows;

    The Windmill
    Dalton Piercy
    TS27 3HN

    Hope you can make this, as mentioned above the large car park offers some great photo opportunities.

    [​IMG]www.VAGCARS.co.uk by Kurt Blythman, on Flickr

    VAGCars 'Moonstone Meeting' - A19 The Windmill - Wednesday 11th June

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  3. Matty!

    Matty! Member

    Its tonight folks!

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