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This is my first Audi i have owned its an A4 2.0tdi se and i have purchased the vag-com lead.

I have scanned for error codes with it but i dont have a clue how to code anything with it for e.g the teardrop wipe.
It just seems all a bit complicated at the moment.

I had a similar device for my landrover called a nanocom and that was easy.

Is there a tutorial any where that explains how to change settings.



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Its a doddle mate. The main tip to remember is IF your gonna change anything always record the old codes just in case you have to revert back to them. You cannot break anything unless you hit the SAVE button so have a play and flick thro all modules to see what can be changed.


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Cheers for the replies guys, ill have a play and see what i can break :thumbsup:


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Phil IF your going to buy a genuine cable mate the best supplier is NHN on here. His customer support and knowledge are brilliant but his banter (well needs to improve.........hahahahahaha) Drop him a PM and he shall be happy to assist you.
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I'm very new to all this, so please bare with me.

What do you need?

1 x lead?
1 x software for your computer?

I have seen leads/software on the bay £40-£50 and places like that. Not that I would get one from there.

What price would you expect to pay


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Thanks mate.
Nae bother Phil,I know its an added expense but I saw mine as an investment,I haven't had to go to a local garage with a dodgy reader and charged for it or worst still go the Stealers and have your pants down,also it saves so much time just plugging it in and see for yourself what a problem is for yourself,currently I am doing data logging and seeing what added mods to the engine give me.


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The genuine kits are £257 delivered, never been £280 from me Jase :)

Thanks to all for mentioning me, appreciated :)