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Vag.com in the Kent/Medway area. Free Beer offered. :)

9099 Jan 14, 2010

  1. 9099

    9099 TDi? Liberties!

    I have a single remote key that needs programming to the car, the immobiliser functions are fine, the key can start the car, but because the key hasn't had batteries in it since the rise of man, I need the remote functions restoring since the alarm can't be silenced without the key buttons.

    I need this done on the 28th December. I won't have my own cable till a week later so this is a cry for help. lol :sos:

    I am offering a box of beer or alternative (We can discuss) for this service, of course. :sm4:
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  3. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  4. 9099

    9099 TDi? Liberties!

    HAnd 2 face contact...

    I meant 28th January. Thanks mate.
  5. jm-baker

    jm-baker Registered User

    You shouldn't need VagCom to re-programme the remote functions if you have all the keys you want to use for the car.

    This works on my S3:



    key added or replace
    system malfunction


    NOTE: max of 4 [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]keys[/FONT][FONT=&quot] can be programmed (one at a time).[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    memory positions of existing [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]keys[/FONT][FONT=&quot] can be identified using diagnostic equipment
    If Diagnostic equipment available:
    locate vacant memory position for new key
    locate memory position for key to be replaced
    carry out programming procedure for this key only
    if diagnostic equipment not available: Obtain and reprogram all [/FONT]

    NOTE: Existing key memory positions will be overwritten

    switch ignition ON, Use key not fitted with remote control

    Manually lock driver's door using key.

    Complete the following within 30 seconds:

    Within 5 seconds press unlock button on first key once (programs memory positions 1)
    Indicator lamps flash once to indicate signal received.
    Wait 5 seconds.
    Press unlock button once to confirm programming.
    Vehicle unlocks. Program mode deactivated.
    Switch ignition OFF. Remove Key.

    To program remaining [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]keys[/FONT][FONT=&quot] into memory positions 2,3 and 4. Carry out the complete procedure below for each key:

    Switch ignition ON. Use the key not fitted with remote control.
    Manually lock driver's door using key.
    Within 5 seconds press unlock button at 1 second intervals, as follows:
    Twice for memory position 2 (2nd key).
    Three times for memory position 3 (3rd key)
    Four times for memory position 4 (4th key)
    Indicator lamps flash once every time unlock button is pressed to indicate signal is received,
    Wait 5 seconds.
    Press Unlock button once to confirm programming.
    Vehicle unlocks. Programming mode deactivated.
    Switch ignition OFF, Remove key.

    NOTE: Ignition MUST be switched OFF between each key programming procedure.

  6. 9099

    9099 TDi? Liberties!

    Thanks Baker.

    However, I have posted this method in my thread about key fob batteries.

    My problem is that I only have the one remote key FULL STOP. So that leaves me with two options... Stealer visit, or VAG.com.

    Thanks for your help anyhow.

    edit: Infact Vag.com is the only option since I can't get in the car without triggering the alarm (Even with the engine running the alarm continues to go off. LOL :blink: ).
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2010
  7. 9099

    9099 TDi? Liberties!

    Because I have OCD... I thoughtI'd bring some closure the issue. :)

    I have borrowed some £££... CASE CLOSED. I will have a cable by the morning.

    I know this is in the wrong section, but can anyone tell me which blocks I need to change and the procedure for key remote key pairing with the car using VAG.com

    Thanks all.

  8. 9099

    9099 TDi? Liberties!

    No love back... B.M.U.P :(
  9. leshkin

    leshkin Hold my beer... VCDS Map User

    Have a read through this link, it lists a few procedures for coding keys. Hope it helps

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