vag com help


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Got a shot of my mates laptop and his copy of vag com (think it's 805)

I tried to programme the day light running feature via the country option but I don't get what i was wanting.
If I programme it for Canada i get the side lights and fog light to come on and if I programme Sweden etc I get side light and dipped beam, is there any way of getting just the side light to come on? (and I know thats what the little dial to the right of the steering wheel is for)

Also had a go at programming in the alarm chirps for the remote control, I can get it to chirp one time when it arms but makes no noise when you disarm, any way to have chirps on disarm?


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Give NHN a shout, he's the man for this sort of thing ;)

I have never heard of foglights coming on for the US setting of the DRL's, I thought it was just the dipped beams :think: