VAG codes, VCDS


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Hi there

i'm still a complete newbie to all this. i have a 2011 a4 2.0 tdi black edition in white. Absolutely love it to bits first audi i've owned. I was hoping someone could help me out with some information regarding the VCDS? what is this? how does it work? I've seen some enhancements you can make to your car such as the needle sweep with this using codes, and how do you find someone in your area who has this, what are the costs and etiquette in getting to them and getting what you want on your car?

Also what are the best mods that can be done via VCDS?

I'm a total newbie to this so apologise in advance if it is totally basic. Help would be much appreciated​


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Hi, welcome to Vcds alowws you to check your car for faults, it also allows you to enable extra functions on your car. If you wish to buy vcds cable, user NHN supplies these, you would need to pm him for details. If you just looking for a scan, there is a map in the vcds section of the forum with local users, just find one in your area and pm then. Enjoy the forum. :) x