Vacume/PCV Hose Replacement


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Oct 17, 2006
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Want to replace the vacume/PCV hose's on my car as its almost 12 years old and done 117k Where's the best place to buy these, and what size do I need, and would prefer to get black ones.
Replace or delete?

For outlets on the bottom of the inlet mani...
3mm id silicon for the FPR
4mm id silicon for N249 bypass (straight to top of DV)
Block centre outlet or use it to feed boost gauge by reducing down...

PCV... replace rubber 'T' joining block breathe to PCV valve and pipe going to cam cover breather with suitable size rubber/silicon (ply not vacuum) hose....

Use check valve from retired PCV junk under mani, block the outlet thats 90deg to the main valve and come straight off the outlet on the end of the inlet mani using suitably sized silicon or rubber hose to connect it all up

Make sure you get the check valve the right way around...

Cheers Paul. Replace, probably just the PCV system first, any recommendations on where to buy/ebay links? Dont want to order the wrong stuff.