V8 Turbo Oil Strainer Stories


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I’m in a 2016 S7, now at 56k and owned from new.
I’m also APR STAGE I.

Engine has performed flawlessly since day 1. I do oil changes (and engine flush) max every 10k miles.

There are three areas of concern with the 4.0t engine:

1. Oil feed to turbos, as mentioned. Failure can lead to catastrophic engine damage.
2. PVC valve failure (high pitch loud whistle. Reduces if you pull the oil filler cap). Audi USA extended the warranty to 100k miles for this failure. No such extension in Europe however. Expensive fix as you have to strip down the engine to change the PCV valve (non maintenance item). (10 hrs labour, can be DIY - there are some YouTube how to videos). The strip down is identical to that needed to replace the turbo oil feed filters. If your doing one, do both.
3. Active motor mounts. Part of the 4-cylinder activation mode. Can mechanically fail (and leak) or an electrical failure. Expensive part (Audi OEM only) and should be replaced as a pair. Can be DIY, but not recommended (Engine subframe needs dropping, followed by full tracking/alignment). Failure does not throw a CEL light, you will get increased engine vibration. Shows up on code scan.

Any of the above can occur on all 4.0t engine models, including A8. Not many occurrences on 2017 + models. Most failures are in the USA. I’m only aware of 1 failure in UK, but their could be more :racer: