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Aug 21, 2021
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Hi all, new member on here.

I have been drawn to the new sq7 as a family vehicle and have got what sounds like an incredible deal from one of the online broker sites.

Only thing is i haven't managed to determine running costs.

fuel economy : not too much of an issue but see official figures at low 20's then a few youtube comments saying more like 30 for mixed use. Not a big issue either way as its not a commuting vehicle.

servicing: just cant get any figures, even off a dealer. any ideas?

parts like brakes and other longer term serviceable items?

coming from a cayenne v8d which has been serviced at porsche which imo was actually very reasonably priced considering.

Anything else to look out for?

cheers :)


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Sep 16, 2005
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The SQ7 V8 petrol is a beast of a tool - I've see reviews, Joe Achilles, for example that suggest 15mpg+ is probably more realistic.

In all seriousness a vehicle like this means that all concepts of economy fall out the window and if you are worrying about running costs then this isn't the car for you. The fuel costs, the 500+ accessible ponies and 770Nm are going to rip tyres up RS style so 18,000 a set would be very good going, probably 15,000 and then there's the depreciation that will be simply epic.

As it happens my RSQ3 got hit whilst parked (thankfully I'd recently had a Blackvue 900x 2CH installed) by an insured driver and the current loaner is a latest model 55TFSi Q7 with air suspension and I can say it is a very decent drive, a mere 340 ponies and that's low 20s fuel economy wise - not bad for a 2.5 ton vehicle. I'd think the SQ7 would be a hoot to drive.
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