V Spoke rs4 reps (20 x 8.5j) Tyre size options?


Money pit owner
Hi all,

I bought my S4 back in December and it has the 20 x 8.5j rs4 replica alloys fitted.. The p zero's that are on it are down to about 3mm and the grip is shocking especially in the wet.

Been searching for a while but can't find a definitive answer as to correct tyre size. The current tyres are 245 x 35 x r20 and look quite stretched. The tyre options aren't great at this size and more expensive than the 255 x 35 x r20's I would like to fit.

Can anyone advise if 255 x 35 would be okay? Or a better option if not? Rather not lower the profile to 30 as the ride is already quite harsh especially with the state of the roads in East Sussex.