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used Sport. 60,000miles too much?

Disease26 Nov 29, 2016

  1. Disease26

    Disease26 New Member

    hey would you guys consider 60,000 miles (100,000km) too many for a used A1 Sport? think she'd be shagged by then or still running strong?

    also know if there would be any expensive services/part replacements in its near future?

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  3. Paul V.

    Paul V. New Member

    I got 50.000 on mine 1.6 tdi 2011 and is as sweet as it gets. a bit of advice, make sure you pick one with decent history and climatronic. good luck
  4. Darren92

    Darren92 Well-Known Member

    60k mileage too much? Are you actually being serious?
    A4T likes this.
  5. dts439

    dts439 Active Member Team Daytona Audi A4 Audi A1

    Not in itself but the usual due diligence to checking service history/receipts/HPI/MOT advisories etc. The older and more miles a car has done eventually does mean parts will need replacing. Personally I'd not run an S tronic without a warranty.

    Our 7 year old 1.4 TFSI A1 has now done 80k miles and in the last year required a new front caliper/disk/pads and just before that new rear disks/pads. But this was the first repair bill for the car (we stopped the extended warranty 18 months ago).

    Previously when under warranty it had had 2 fuel pumps replaced and a heater flap issue fixed, and that was about it for non consumable items. The clutch and battery are still the originals. I think its stood up well and still looks great
  6. stuart.garlinge

    stuart.garlinge Member

    We've just bought a 1.4tfsi sline 2011, 59k, just had it remapped and it's sweet as a nut, drives like a dream, everything is still nice and tight, steering, suspension etc, no rattles inside

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