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I am currently looking for a late 2006 or 2007 Mondeo Mk III ST (2.2 TDCi) for the wife as they have soooo much more room in them for our 2 very young kids than my 2003 B6 Avant. Looking to spend between £10K and £11K so looking for a low mileage minter.

Anyways find one on Autotrader for £10.5K about £1K over top book according to Parkers guide for a 30K miler - this one had done nearer 40K miles - call the bloke - they say its really mint ! So I pay deposit over the phone.
We get there after a 3 hour drive and guess what its NOT mint - I am soo hacked off....
Then the price - he reckoned that we agreed the price on the phone - errr NO - I am paying cash so expect a years warranty thrown in or the price dropped by £500....errr no, thats not what we agreed on the phone says the ****wit of a dealers lacky..and then tops it by telling me that he is not going to prepare the car so its like new !

To avoid any further long distance f**kups any advice from you guys out there

Car dealers today are NOT my favorite people !


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Id never give a deposit for anything until Id have seen it - pics dont show anything imo.

I drove down to London to get my Type R and the dealer said leave a despsit and its 100% yours and i said no, you hold it till 12pm for me and I'll be there and providing its as mint as you say it is, I'll have it!

However, just bought a 2006 325i M-Sport from a BMW Dealer and it had a minor scrape on the front bumper but the rest of the car was mint so was happy to leave a deposit subject to the work being to my standards.

Deposits are another way for pressure selling in my opnion as the dealer makes you feel you have to buy it as you have left a deposit.

Did you get your money back?


Registered User money back no probs.....and amazingly a Ford Dealer 1 mile away from where I work had one advertised last night ...21K REALLY is mint....even spoke to the original 62 year old owner ! So bought it today..well pleased.

The car was only on the forecourt for 1 day before I happened on it completely by chance !

Now got to sell the Cooper S privately - should be fun !


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Sounds like it worked out fine then John, but I have to say, the term 'MINT' is different to everyone.