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I had been thinking about getting the newer model Allroad but more recently have decided perhaps the older version might be better value, particularly as I will end up using the car as a workhorse. Have been looking around and this one is fairly local and seems reasonably good value for the milage and year. Other than the cambelt and air suspension, what else should I look for? And does this look a good buy in general?

2003 Audi Allroad TDI Quattro Tip for Sale - Influence Cars » Leatherhead » Surrey

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hmm, be very wary of suspension on these, a friend of mine bought one and had no end of problems with it, cost him a fortune. If you buy make sure you investigate it's history thoroughly. If it has had lots of suspension work that is a significant plus point! I would be asking to see it though and checking to makes sure a watertight warranty is supplied with the car that covers this part of the car. I know Warranty Direct load policy prices for DRC suspension and Multitronic boxes so check out the warranty.

As for the price, you are right it is well priced. It is under retail by about a grand. I would imagine the dealer probably paid between 6900 and 7500 for it looking at glass's and CAP so there is perhaps room for movement if you dont have a trade in? Looks tidy though. :)


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Thanks Vorsprung

It's tough when you potentially have such a serious issue as the suspension seems to be on these.

I spoke to the dealer, who is apparently an ex Audi salesman.*He seemed knowledgeable and decent. He said they had run Audi diagnostics on the car and there was one suspension warning light, which they were able to trace to a faulty sensor. The suspension apparently work without any issues or sagging, etc.

He said, perhaps fairly, that suspension issues later on in the lives of these cars, typically when they have done over 100k, have given these cars a bit of a bad rep. However, in that I'll probably do about 5k using this as a workhorse for the next 3-4 years, I'll probably only ever get to about 80k max.

He said this year and engine only came with a tiptronic and not a multitronic. Not sure if that is true but will research into it.

I'm going to pop by tomorrow and have a look and a drive. If I am interested I will make sure he runs the diagnostics in front of me for peace of mind.

You get a free 3 month warranty, plus it can be extended. I will look into whether this can cover the suspension as you suggest.

If anyone else has any thoughts on this car in particular, or these cars in general, it would be great to hear them.




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Dealer is right. Multitronic is only available for front wheel drive Audis, all quattros have either Tiptronic or DSG. In the case of the Allroad it will be Tiptronic. My only other comment relates to the suspension and your mileage. As I understand it the part that fails is usually the rubber "bag". If the car is not used for periods it is more likely to perish than if it is used every day and the rubber kept flexible - have a similar problem with a Lotus Elan and Rotoflex couplings. I would expect the 100k comment relates to "normal" usage and is not some hard and fast rule - age has probably more to do with it.

Looks a nice car though

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a point to remember is it's called "all road". it doesn't say "off road" i've pulled a few out of the mud and had to explain that "all road" means A roads, B roads, duel carriageways, motorways and some unclassified roads.


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^^^ Actually they are quite good offroaders as well as long as you have mud and snow tyres and know how to use the handbrake and footbrake to shift the power across the axles. By all means it's not as good as a defender or shogun as it does not have locking diffs and low transfer case but they are very good at what they are...Mind you, i would rather take a shed offroad than a 5k allroad but that's just me !


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hi there i own a audi allroad 2.5 tdi on 52 plate manual, and up for sale if intrested? exceelent condition full service history and lots of receipts.
has done 126,126 mot and taxed half leather/suede heated.
never had a problem with this car. suspension a1
only selling due to change of job.
if interested please get in touch


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An Allroad is like an Alfa Romeo.

As an Allroad owner I love mine to pieces it's perfect for me and does everything I need, and more. But I would never tell my friend to buy one.

Too many expensive things that can go wrong. Unless you really want to dabble a bit in offroad. Buy an A6 estate.