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USA Headlights work in european RDW a5?

decorunner May 17, 2018

  1. decorunner

    decorunner New Member

    Hi, had a crash with my a5 2013 2.0 coupe facelift european RDW, and have to replace both headlights

    Problem is they are really expensive to bring them from europe to south amercia..

    So i have found american a5 headlight version 8T0941043E and like to know if someone has use them in an european car (headlights 8T0941043C)? it is a lot cheaper to bring them from USA

    It looks they are similar , physically just the corner lights american are orange, instead white europeans, and voltage look both 12V??

    Also in etka they are in the same page 8T0941043C RDW and 8T0941043E for USA as:

    I did a brief (attached picture) of both and like to know anyone here can help to decide to buy them


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