URGENT! No Compression after i made a mistake doing timing belt!! please somebody advise me

josh barrett

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Okay so i really messed up! my engine mount on the right drivers side of my 2011 Audi a1 1.6tdi completely snapped which caused the engine to drop down luckily this happened at around 5mph this sheared my cam belt.... i replaced my cam belt and thought i got the timing marks right i must of got it 1 tooth or something anyway after fitting the belt the car started on the first turn of the key and i drove it around... i thought success it run better than ever i then took it home turned it off then it wouldn't start unless i turned the key on and off about 25 times and eventually it would start and run perfect again i checked the cam and crank timing were correct which they were but noticed my pump timing was a little off not a big issue.... so i began so fix this issue and this is where i made the mistake...

I put the top cam timing key in place and the pump timing key in place the bottom crank key WAS NOT in place... i then went in for food and came back out forgetting the timing keys were in pace and turned the key the started motor tried to engage for a slight second make a jamming noise i instantly turned the key off remembering the pins..

after this when i took out the pins the cam cog and pump cog and crank cog had all moved clockwise a tiny bit all moved the same amount so it didn't slip any teeth anywhere but there is no compression noise anywhere the timing belt all spins everything cranks fine but just sounds smooth fine timing on the crank and cam are still in the same place as when it ran great but was hard to start

my first thought was i bent the valves but i don't think i have as the engine barely turned over due to the locking pins stopping it and all 3 cogs turned the exact same amount making me assume everything inside the engine didn't hardly turn over and all moved together the same amount meaning the piston couldn't of bent the valves surely

what could be the issue i don't want to go and buy a new cylinder head and do all that work if i dont need to

i noticed one thing when i fitted the belt i could turn the engine with a wrench clockwise and counterclockwise (with the belt on and timed) like normal but now it will only turn clockwise it will not crank counter clockwise at all it just locks up..

what could me issue be any help would be hugely appreciated


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If the cam is timed up correctly and you cannot rotate the engine by hand, then I think you have bent valves and will have to remove the cylinder head to confirm, it might be more cost effective to replace engine than repair, depends on your mechanic skills.

Kernow A1

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Something odd about your original post Josh, the Audi 1.6 Tdi engine is Common Rail engine and therefore has no Injection Pump to time up ? and as Scott said above looks like its got bent valves.


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If the engine mount came loose and has damage the toothed belt likely out come is that it has caused the camshaft timing to be so far out that 1 or several valves have hit the pistons o would re do the valve/ cam timing remove all glow plugs and turn engine over by hand to feel for excessive resistance, if ok carry out compression test and if available use a bore scope and inspect all cylinders for signs of damage if all above appears OK engine should run