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Urgent help needed regarding HALDEX controller....Vagcom

scott_johnson Mar 2, 2008

  1. scott_johnson

    scott_johnson Member

    Address 01: Engine Labels: 8N0-906-018.LBL
    Part No: 8N0 906 018 J
    Component: 1.8L R4/5VT G 0004
    Coding: 10710
    Shop #: WSC 80179
    WAUZZZ8LX21002834 AUZ7Z0A1887012
    2 Faults Found:
    17705 - Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check D.V.!)
    P1297 - 35-00 - -
    17545 - Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too Rich
    P1137 - 35-00 - -
    Readiness: 0000 0000

    Address 22: AWD Labels: 02D-900-554.LBL
    Part No: 02D 900 554 B
    Component: HALDEX LSC ECC 0006
    2 Faults Found:
    65535 - Internal Control Module Memory Error
    00-00 - -
    00526 - Brake Light Switch-F
    27-00 - Implausible Signal

    Address 56: Radio Labels: None
    Part No: 8L0 035 195 H
    Component: symphony II NP2 0151
    Coding: 00201
    Shop #: WSC 00000
    2 Faults Found:
    00858 - Connection; Radio ZF Output to Antenna Amplifier
    44-10 - Short Circuit - Intermittent
    00856 - Radio Antenna
    36-10 - Open Circuit - Intermittent

    Any 1 any ideas...... most importantly the haldex controll unit?????
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  3. s3ollie

    s3ollie Member

    i had the 65535 code with my air bag module and i had to replace it
  4. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    Clear the codes and try again in a few days, could be old codes not been wiped-off?
    Doesn't look good though!!
  5. simch

    simch Active Member

    Is your haldex fault not the brake light switch fault?
    The handbrake and foot brake have switches which ( certainly the handbrake switch) disengage the power to the back axle. I would check and replace both the handbrake and footbrake swiitches first and go from there, then clear the codes and try it again.

    Does your haldex work? Try a quick start in the wet or damp, there should be no front end wheelspin. If it seems to grip and not spin, gently pull the handbrake up a notch or two so the light shows on the dash then try a quick start too. The haldex should be disengaged and the front end should spin up quite easy in "FWD mode".
  6. scott_johnson

    scott_johnson Member

    The brake light switch came up as i had a brake light out (been replaced now) or so i think thats what it was. As for the quick start... ive already tried that and no wheel spin what so ever. its running 100% ill have a look on vagcom wiki...
  7. simch

    simch Active Member

    Try just clearing it, if haldex is working that is a good start!
  8. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    I was under the impression that the Haldex had it's own ECU and could not be scanned by VAG.com? In this case I agree with smich it is more your brake light rather than the Haldex playing up.

    on your 17705 one, Do a REALLY GOOD search around your hoses for leaks or splits in the pipes, pull apart ones that are together and have a look inbetween. Had the same code and found the split hose hidden between two that 'brushed' against each other, it was the oil carrier hose coming off the block 06A 221 103 BG cost £29 from Audi, 10 pack of clamps from Halfords £3.49 and 2 mins to fit.

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