Upgrading from B6 S4 to B8 S4, looking for advice!


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I currently have a b6 s4 that ive owned for the last 5 years and ive loved every minute of it. I'm now looking to buy a B8, possibly an avant and I'm looking for a bit of advice on any problematic things to look out for really?

I'm aware of how many different options there were and roughly what I'm in the market for but any advice would be much appreciated!




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Hi, I've had mine since last May and came from a B7 S4. The B8 is light years ahead in every department, some say the interior build quality is not as good but I don't agree. Mine has all of the things that I thought were essential - Sports diff and drive select, HDD sat nav, B&O, red and black super sports seats (the colour divides opinion!) storage pack (storage is crap without it), folding mirrors.
The standard car is pretty well spec'd but you may find the diff and drive select hard to come by on the used market, I haven't had any problems with mine and would recommend one to anyone.


Drive It Like You Stole It
cheers, I'm deffo after the B&O and the Sat Nav, Drive select seems to be on a few cars but not that many, and I havnt seen 1 for sale yet which is listed as having the sports diff?

I went to look at a local 1 at weekend which had red and black leather but i wasnt very keen on that. I would ideally like half leather half alcantara like I have at the minute.

When I was looking for the B6 I was listening for rattling cam chains and looking out to make sure it hadnt been on longlife servicing etc....Is there nothing like that to look out for when buying a B8 then?



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Great, great cars....i still miss mine every single day !! Mine was faultless except for one thing which may be worth checking if you get an early model B8 S4, and that's the water pump. They had an issue with the manufacture of these, and there was a recall to get them replaced ( which mine had done after it spewed water all over the drive the day before we were due to go away on holiday ).

Apart from that, it was perfect....took us all the way fully loaded with 4 adults, clothes, camping gear, roofbox to Germany and back without missing a beat and still felt quick....mind you, it felt REALLY quick when it was emptied after that holiday :).

The ideal spec has been listed many times, and Like longp2, I would recommend this car to anyone and indeed have done several times.....buy one....you'll love it !