Upgrade ..Injectors ?


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Advice wanted .... Is it worth me upgrading the injectors on the B5 ?..
Already Fitted - Scroll K03 SP53 with cast exhaust manifold - decat pipe
and 3" Custom exhaust, FMIC. Not Mapped .......yet

I am more than happy with the car but just waiting for remap now. Comments please

Thks Andy


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Yeah to get the most out of it injectors and a 3 inch maf housing before the remap, one of the more knowledgable will be able to tell you which ones


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The standard maf will flow to around 230-235hp, and the injectors around the same.

I dont know the particulars of the K03-SP53 you mention. I have a K04-SP51X and mark has an K04-SP54X and both of those seem to max out around 245hp. Given you say your turbo is a K03, presumably that means it has a smaller turbine? IF so its going to struggle to match the 245hp from the K04 based turbo, and i suspect you'll probably be fine, if right against the limit of what the standard parts can do.

Its one of those situations where its probably not worth spending the extra money to gain 5hp.

Have a chat with Nick at RTech. I suspect your turbo is somewhat similar to the K03S that the A3 boys use, and hes mapped plenty of those on standard management/maf/injectors.