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Upgrade headlights

Veseli1094 May 25, 2018

  1. Veseli1094

    Veseli1094 Member

    Hi guys i need to upgrade my headlights in my a6 2008 so i am looking for few options

    1. First option is to retrofit morimoto evor-x 2.0 bixenon retrofit so i have few questions
    Is it just simple as remove old one and put this and fix it ?
    Can i use all my old electronic and balast for that?
    And what will be best options for bulbs in that projectors morimoto bulbs or classic xenon bulb or even led bulbs??

    2. Second maybe to retrofit led projector and bulbs??

    So anyone have retrofited morimoto projectors or any other newer or better? Any other suggestion or anything else

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