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Apr 7, 2016
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anyone got any links / part numbers to a cp1 pump above R90? R100 would be preferable save spending £1000 on a custom modified pump ....

or any other pump that will fit cp3 etc
after more scouring the net looks like with some fuckery i can retro fit a cp3 ...
Nate its not just about the pump rating - the flow and pressure is determined by the metering unit, PCV, drive ratio etc
Before you change anything I would ask your tuner if they are able to map the changed in.
From what I've seen alot of tuners are unable to tune them so the cars runs worse.
How would you map a hpfp in ?

Surely your fuel tables are all the same ?

Sorry if im being stupid , on my cr 1.9s I just slapped an R80 on no issue I know these are a different animal.

From logs the return valve I did notice didn't move , I would of expected this to be fully shut if my rail pressure was wobbling
It was an r70 cp1 for a R80 cp1H .. I just changed the electronic component over and had no issues

Obvs if I go cp3 on the capa from a cp1H this is more of a head ache I have checked the they are both 2 pin but looking into them they have an internal return line ontop of the normal fuel returns you would find . I may have to blank this possibly ? What do you think