Updating the MMI/Maps Yourself on a 2012 A7


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Hi folks,

I recently bought a 2012 A7 to replace my aging 2010 A6 (with 409,000km on the clock) and I'm very very happy with the upgrade
It's originally a UK car (I'm in Ireland you see) so it has a massive spec and only 120,000km/75,000 miles

On my A6 I was able to buy a set of SD cards online and upgrade the MMI/Maps to the then most recent version. Cost a lot less than the dealer prices and no issues.

Has anyone done this themselves on the A7? It's currently running HN+R_EU_AU_P0518 and Nav DB ending 5.13.8 which I think is fairly old at this stage.

If you have, where did you get the updates? I've found this:

Audi MMI 3GP HN+R / 3G Plus / Bundle - Latest Maps & Firmware. 6.32.1 & P1001 - Europe! MMI 3G Maps 2021 - UpgradeMyAudi.net

.. but have no idea if they'd be reliable?

Any thoughts? Cheers!


A7 S Line BiTDI
I did mine myself with the 3 SD cards. Mine was fairly old too and took around 2 hours in total.

I got mine from vagnavinfo@gmail.com and he sent it all over with pages of step by step instructions. I emailed him with the info and asked his suggestions and went from there.