Updating my insurance due to new car arrival - surprise response


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Dec 30, 2007
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I thought this was worth sharing for anybody looking to change their car and the insurance update.

I rang my broker today to advise that I am due delivery of my new car next week. They took all of my new car details then said "sorry, your current insurer won't insure your car without a tracker"

"Why is that?" "Their policy is any car over £30,000 has to have a tracker fitted. No exceptions"

I don't want a tracker fitting so was told the only option was to get a new policy.

I'd not heard of this and it was a bit of a shocker as wasn't expecting this. My policy expires the first few days of May so no financial issue but the hassle of sorting a policy at this late hour is frustrating, especially as I am away until Sunday night now with o chance to sort and supposed to be picking the car up on Monday !!

Luckily, Audi provide 5 days free insurance cover so that takes the pressure off sorting and getting the best policy.

As an aside, I've got a quote from Aviva (with a 28% discount due to scoring 8.2 on their driving app :D) that is cheaper than what I'm paying on my current car so have that to fall back on should nothing else come through.