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Mar 16, 2007
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I noticed the thread on what version of the navigation DVD was the latest recently and although I have a C6 2005 Avant (one of the first built to customer spec) I am well behind with the Sat Nav (currently 2007)
I did a search looking for "Audi DVD satnav updates" which came up site this site (amongst others) 2011 SAT NAV DISCS
Has anyone had anything to do with them and if so, what experience? or can anyone recommend a source for the latest upgrade disc at a reasonable price?
I think mine is MMI high 2G (at least it matches that picture on the site)
Any assistance would be appreciated.

You have a PM!

Hi guys,

I'd appreciate the shared knowledge as well, since I ran into a little trouble the other day when, according to the SatNav, I was driving through a field. :)

I purchased a 3G MMI DVD from these guys a couple of weeks ago and they sent me the disk promptly and it worked fine in the car. The only issue I had was that despite it claiming to be 2011 Disk the data on it is actually from the 2009 disk (v5.6.8 rather than 2011 data which is v5.12.5). My e-mails to them, directly and via Google Checkout, have so far gone unanswered and I have now escalated the issue to get my money back.
As an update to my previous post, I have now had a response from Google Checkout. They no longer accept orders from Amann Car Parts (who were behind the satnavi.com web site) and have refunded my money (full marks to Google). I guess you can all draw your own conclusions as to whether to buy from these people!
I guess that about covers it then!
As always, "seems too good to be true = is too good to be true"
Ah well, mine will stay as it is for now and I will explore the idea of using Tom Tom which is far better anyway. (I regularly use one supplied by the company I work for and have found it very good, quick to acquire and accurate 99.? % of the time.
The only downside of course is that is is not built in to the car - small price really considering it can be updated via the web.

Thanks everyone for the input