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Update thread: few jobs complete

Kev Boy May 12, 2018

  1. Kev Boy

    Kev Boy Member

    i have completed a few jobs to my car and wanted to show the progress.

    It’s a 2007 B7 3.0 TDi TDV V6 (240bhp) Automatic Quattro in brilliant red.

    Jobs I’ve done so far:

    Full double din cage/console conversion - in dash 6 disc changer symphony II fitted (but have a RNSD I’m trying to source and adapter for)
    Plasti dipped my front grill to de chrome and also did my number plate surround as it looked tired.
    Changed out the cloth interior to a full leather black S-Line one
    Fitted Roti-form deep dish split 18” alloys (polished rim grey centres)
    Given it a damn good service.

    45F39875-16D7-4569-B830-2AB69595663D.jpeg AC96F898-2E79-45D6-BB04-BA151909947E.jpeg B9980BD4-5286-46F9-AEAF-B662772736AF.jpeg

    Got wind deflectors, my private plate and my HID kit waiting to go on it.

    Cheers, kevin.
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