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Hey all, been a while but finally got back to the car stuff :)

so, on with the update.

The black one has finally been run in and im planning on oil and filter change in the next week or so, however i still have a little smoke now and again and me being me this isn't acceptable. Got the original head back, skimmed, pressure tested and new valve stem seals fitted and given a clean bill of health but haven't rebuilt it yet. I reinsured it this week and was suprised how cheap; zero NCB, all mods honestly declared and avg mileage around 2500 all for 250 notes! classics win!
I have plans, hence the thread title, for this one as she's had a fair few owners and even tho its 2 for the last 7 years, i think if i were to sell thats going to be a downside to price if i were to go that route. 13 in total erk!
After all thats been done to it in the rebuild, the only other place the smoke can be coming from is either residue in the intercoolers or a unhappy turbo.
So, advice with respect to bigger turbo [ :D] and supporting mods/parts depending how far down the rabbit hole we go. looking to do something thats fun, most likely loud and puts a bigger smile on my face.

The grey one has had a 3"pipewerx DP and the cat back Zinram of ash fitted. Not fitted the decat pipe yet but might for giggles throw it on tomorrow. Still need both front wings as they are beyond repair and a bonnet respray as its a little hazed and i dont think a good polish will bring it back. Had a couple of intermitant faults with the immobilizer and various electrical bits i.e windows not closing, ecu locked due to the key not being read, temp gauges playing about, but in fairness the OBD2 reader and the upgraded display screen work awesome and i haven't had to drag out the AA yet :D
She needs another trip to the garage as there seems to be no feed to the rear wiper.


boat aint mine and needs to be moved ;)

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Personally il go straight to a bt set up maybe a g25 or similar , kits pop up quite often 2nd hand
Changed my Facebook Marketplace location to London with 100km radius.

Jesus, the amount of ads for 1.8T. I may have to pop by the UK when I drive up to the Netherlands this summer!

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He’s in Birmingham but I’m sure he post overseas there’s a lad in stoke aswell but he doesn’t seem to get heavily modified cars where as Chris generally only gets modified cars, change it to 200km if you can


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so went back to the engine place today and picked the guys heads down there about this whole smoking/odd smell with the car and the general conclusion amongst them was due to the lack of cat/cats, oils are escaping the burn process[ within the cats] and this is what im noticing, not a faulty turbo seal. i have pretty much tried to eliminate all the obvious stuff that could be a contributing factor to this, and as the cars had 13 owners [erk!!] this is why i went the route of rings, rehone, head gasket, valve stem seals. i reckon i have eliminated all the engine based potentials that could be a problem. [comp tested too, all high good ]
only things left are the turbo, the intercoolers holding residual oil residues or the 'cats' :)
turbo's got almost no play back-forth, but a tiny [half a mm] up-down at cold.

anyhooo.... do i go down the route here of going full custom exhaust inc cat or do i go chra off badger, rebuild the turbo inc hotside/wastegate [just incase] or fmic to eliminate the chance its just sh1t being dragged thro em?
currently cant really justify going balls deep into a 2k+ turbo etc upgrade if the turbo's not currently the prob lol.

go on guys, point me on the right route ;)


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and picked up a nice little motor last week thats got a tapping at 3k rpm. got told it could be a squashed bearing, a bent rod or possibly piston slap. turns out after i stripped the head down its a failed tappit. 7.50 repair job [plus the gaskets extra ] aint bad. came with an engine stand which is useful as i dont plan on doing a rebuild outta a wheelbarrow again ;) and a set of forged rods. intake cam is worn on the same tappit too, prob damaged thro it falling apart. heads ready for picking up hopefully monday and should have been deep cleaned, stem seals done, skimmed if needed and pressure tested. the block is giving me a few niggles atm as i cant find any good guides to removing the gearbox and transfer box. i bought the long 6mm allen fitting plus a load of deep reach sockets as i was missing a few :)

so advice time again. i have looked thro the 'how to section' and the turbo upgrade/hybrid turbo stuffs interesting, but not really finding anything about what i wanna know.

here we are.
the whole reason im asking here is i want to keep it clean, oem looking to a point and within a budget. i dont need silly power, just 320-350 max

the block.
are all the blocks the same as i have taken my better condition [ not as full of rust and *****] AMK to the engine shop today and been told it needs a rebore. the BAM i havent yet stripped that far back but its a dirty ****** and prob will need blasting back to clean metal. internally afaik its sound.
if the guide in the stickies is correct, the cranks good for 300+ easy and the standard mahle pistons are also good for around the same.

like i said, im not lazy and did have a read of the how to section however theres conflicting thoughts about whats right. i have a set of maxpeeding [lol what a name! ] rods that were with the bam, and after a little digging about rifledrilled, im now not sure if i should be using these as they aren't drilled. some say VW spent thousands on designing the standards that are drilled, some say its not needed/wont really cause a prob.
any advice here is welcome as i will bin these max ones and grab IE beams if the drilled is the way to go.

standard head running standard cams and springs, whats the bhp range before things start to get overstressed?. do i stay with standard head or do i hunt about for large port and go valve train etc and beef it up? N/A cam was something i have chatted about too but also unsure .

this is where im lost. even after all the reading, i still have no plan and as much as TJ's tried to help me i just haven't a clue :D
manifold, wastegate etc.
Small port head is fine for the power your looking for mate, exhaust valves as minimum and cat gold springs. Standard cams are fine, but it has been proven that N/A cams make a difference, more the intake cam, but doesn’t hurt to put both in.

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yeah, im thinking thats prob the best way to go with the rods. looks like i got some paperweights for the office now heh heh.