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Unknown A7 bitdi mod

sickboy10 Feb 27, 2020

  1. sickboy10

    sickboy10 New Member

    I've been sold a 3.0 bitdi 2014 A7 by Audi in December. While having some work done at audi they have just told me the car is chipped.

    I don't know when or by who or what was done. Audi can't tell me but have offered to put it on a dyno to compare with stock figures. Will this help or will this compare quoted factory BHP at the flywheel with measured bhp at the wheels.

    I've never modified anything before and hadn't planned to so completely lost with what to do.

    Any suggestions please?
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  3. The_Golfather

    The_Golfather Active Member

    I'd take it to an Audi Tuning specialist to get the full lowdown mate.

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