Facelift Unicorn Stage 1 Considerations


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Finally decided to stop being a wuss and have booked my car into Rick at Unicorn Developments for a Stage 1 Remap this Friday. At the moment the car has an MTM Cantronic (which is now for sale in classifieds), forge turbo inlet pipe, BMC drop in filter, snow grate delete and BCS resonator delete. It should make for a great comparison between the MTM and the Unicorn stage 1. Whilst I have been happy enough with the MTM this is an itch that needs to be taken care of and has been a long time coming. I have dragy timed my MTM with a 10.8 second 100-200 kmh time so I am hoping to get this figure into the 9 second range.

Is there anything I need to consider before I go down? Oil change was done recently (changed my oil myself to millers nanodrive) and spark plugs not too long before that. DSG and Haldex has not yet been serviced however (I am nearing 30k miles) I also do not plan on doing the DSG map as I have no complaints with the way the standard DSG works on my facelift car. Im sure Rick will advise further but as far as I am aware I should not be experiencing DSG slip on the facelift gearbox with just a Stage 1 map? If anyone can chime in on this would be helpful.


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I've got racing line OEM+ stage 1 map (now shark performance map since they bought shark outright and i had the reflash for lots of minor issues with the original OEM+ map) and did the DSG just as a precaution.

What I can say (for at least the combo that I have) is that the gear change is incredibly fast and because of this there is no drop off in torque or Accel. It makes the car feel slightly slower whilst being deceptively fast lol.