Unexpected quattro tyre wear


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I'm hoping for advice and to tap into the experience of others. I have a 3.2 quattro and having changed all the tyres recently (for the Goodyear F1s), I had the tracking checked and adjusted because both of the front tyres had worn on the inside edges.

I believe that the tracking was checked properly; 2 hours at a local Audi specialist with the recommended equipment, who reported on all angles including the thrust angle. However, in the 5k+ miles I've done since then I've found that all 4 tyres are now showing wear on their outside edges. The wear seems to be even across all of the tyres.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can someone explain a misalignment which would cause all 4 outside edges to wear more quickly, or is it something I just have to accept?

Might be worth taking it back and having it re-checked, the equipment is only as good as the person operating it. Did they use 4 wheel alignment ?
I certainly don't think you should have to expect it as these tyres are not cheap.
Did you buy the car new ? Has it been in an accident ?



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My car isn't a quattro,but the F1's I had on the front wore on the outside edge really quickly.
The 'tread' they had on the outside edge really didn't take long to disappear,which gave the illusion that my tyres were worn.
The rest of the tread was fine though.
The tracking/alignment was also found to be fine.
My new Dunlops aren't showing the same wear.
Maybe just a 'trait' of F1's ????


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I've had F1s on our car for 5k miles now and they arent showing anysigns of uneven wear. They do get a hammering when im driving it too.

I find with my T4 that if I don't keep the pressures correct on it then it will scrub the outside of the front tyres earlier than the rest of the tyre. Its not that kind on tyres either with 200bhp/221ft lbs going through the front wheels but they wear pretty evenly with correct pressures.


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Thanks for your input, guys. The car was bought from new and has not been "bent" in an accident. I should get the tracking checked yet again, but that wasn't something I wanted to do at the drop of a hat because it's a 2 hour labour charge. I suppose that the tracking must still be out and that it is coincidental that all 4 tyres are wearing asymmetrically in exactly the same manner. I did wonder whether that might be characteristic of the quattro driveline, but it seems not.

The reason I went to an independent Audi specialist following a change of tyres, was because the main dealer quoted £240 (!) for alignment when they reported the toe-out wear on the original front tyres during a service! It cost me £115 for a full 4-wheel realignment (using Audi recommended equipment) at the specialist, so I guess I'll be taking it back there and asking for their views.


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both of the front tyres had worn on the inside edges.
Sure I read somewhere that this can be caused by straddling speed humps on a regular basis. Just a thought.


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My F1's were always at the correct pressure and showed even wear,apart from the outside edges.
The tyre people we use simply stated it's due to 'enthusiastic' cornering.
The sidewall 'rolling' off the rim and giving the outer edge a beating.
Not a problem.


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rowansbank said:
Sure I read somewhere that this can be caused by straddling speed humps on a regular basis. Just a thought.

Had that exact problem on our VW Lupo. The fronts had worn down to the steel. I'd not noticed as I always park the car with tyres straight ahead. VW did an alignment check and it came up within tolerances which is when I realised that it was the speed humps

We didn't have that problem on our Bora which is obviously a wider car but speed humps differ in size so it's still a possibility.


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I drive over speed humps every day and I did not get any uneven ware after 15k on the Nero Zeros. Just replaced them with the new Goodyear F1s


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There are different types of speed bumps - those that cross the entire road and those that are 'islands' (usually grouped in 2 or 3 across the road) .

You can either go over the islands or go through them. I think (mis)judging the route over them will sometimes cause you to wear the tyres on the insides .


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Goodyear F1's always look worn on the outer from my experience, ive had them on several diff cars ,if you had tracking issues you should notice car pulling to one side at least or steering of centre when car is straight ....

i reckon youve got nothing to worry about ...imo


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Yep exactly the same problem with my 3.2. Both front tyres totally ******** on the inside, 3mm of tread outside, legal limit on inside. I'm quite (very) paranoid about keeping my tyres in good shape, so this came as abit of shock when I noticed. Tyre place said same as everyone else here - speed humps the nasty 3 across the road type. Even worse these have been known to shag alloys. A problem with the RS type. Apparently an alloy is made to take a majority of the stain on the outer edge (usually while cornering) however these speed humps put all the stain on the inner wall and eventually crack it.