Ultimate Dubs Sunday 8th March - Telford


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Just wondered whos going to ultimate dubs on sunday and if your showing your car indoors or outdoors. Ive never been before so hoping for a good day out.

Be good to put a few names to faces if anyones going


id love to go just to busy and a bit strapped at the mo cos of modding of coarse lol il be there next year though when my is ready


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Yep I should be going to this, have done the previous years. Good start to the year.


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Me and 3 of my friends are goign to UD and we are all showing in the external area.

should be awsoem if weather is good.. weather was great last year.


yep im going to be there with few pals, went the last two years and must say it gets better each time.. have a lookout for my s3 on the PSI Tuning stand... cant wait:hubbahubba:


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I'll be there too, but then I do only live a 2 min walk away from there!


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i live near so i will be there

i was the last year with my golf and it was pretty good quite big thing.


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Hoping to go but not in my A3 in dads Golf TDI 4Motion I think
On the MK IV forum alot are meeting at Sandbach Services I believe.


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i'll be there, my car is on the mk5golfgti stand lol


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Just had a walk up, There seems to be a lot of Lupos and Polos about!


Now running on Bentley's y'all
I've just been up, some nice cars there.

For anybody who likes their Audi's a bit retro, Greg Howell (used to have a very clean Golf Mk4) has just finished a 1974 Audi 80 which will be at the show - looks supercool.